Ernest Z. Klein

Research Engineer
(310) 400-7559

Research engineer, specializing in accident analysis and reconstruction. Research activities include conducting collision experiments, instrumented vehicle handling and performance tests and performing basic research in the areas of automotive collision safety, including fuel system analysis, seat and seatbelt performance, door latch studies, tire failure studies, filament analysis, night visibility studies, and related activities.

Consulting Activities: 

Analysis and reconstruction of vehicular, other transportation, and industrial accidents; these activities also include court appearances as an expert witness.


From 1978 to present has participated in and been responsible for analysis, reconstruction and trial preparation for over 1,000 vehicular and industrial accidents. Involvement also includes the following:

Automotive Safety - Examined and evaluated hundreds of vehicles to determine alleged vehicular failure as a potential cause for accidents, including, but not limited to trucks, passenger vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and industrial machinery. Has participated in and has been responsible for planning, conducting, and analysis of data from several hundred full-scale and component tests. Human interactions including those of pedestrians under a variety of conditions examined as potentially causing or contributing to accident experience.

Highway Safety - For nearly ten years while associated with Severy Incorporated and working closely with the late Derwyn Severy, conducted over 500 field trips to various states, counties, and municipalities to examine and evaluate the design and related conditions of streets and highways as they pertain to vehicular accidents. Allegations of design defects, deficiencies, conflicts and oversights which are alleged to have induced an accident, are studied and when required, evaluated by full-scale testing.

Visibility & Night Visibility - Conducted numerous visibility and night visibility reconstructions and analysis. Performed night light measurements and related evaluations during dawn, dusk and evening. Activities also include line-of-sight evaluations.

Industrial Safety - Provided consultation and supervision for construction of an automotive components manufacturing plant. Activities also included research and evaluation of other similar manufacturing plants within the United States and abroad. Has provided consultation and analysis relating to a variety of industrial accidents.

Human Factors - Examined and evaluated human performance under various situations and as potentially causing or contributing to accident causations; some of these efforts have been published. See below.


Bachelor of Science, Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles, 1978. Attended seminars in the fields of traffic engineering and Biomechanics of Impact Trauma.